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This is an organization which works around Psychometric tests and surveys and rating people and giving healthy suggestions based on that, Gaming etc. They had various requirements for different projects and they needed simultaneous and consistent support for a long time. ABLION has been their answer to all queries for these many years. ABLION has tried to meet their expectations in all projects by dedicating a permanent team continuously working for them. We have built several portals and apps for them. As a result of this they can reach out to a huge crowd from almost all industries and for all age groups.They are growing their business at a very fast pace and at the same time becoming equally popular.

The Mental Toughness Profile™ is based on the latest research on the unique mental toughness qualities of elite performers in various high-performance domains. It provides a comprehensive assessment of a performer’s or team’s mental ability to withstand and deal effectively with pressure and high stress.
The Mental Toughness Profile™ is to be used by Certified Mental Toughness Coaches to help evaluate their client’s or coachee’s mental strengths and areas for improvement in the following key mental toughness areas:

  • Composure – Staying calm and relaxed in any pressure situation
  • Concentration – Focusing on performing and ignoring distractions when it matters
  • Confidence – Having the self-belief and trust in one’s capabilities
  • Coping with Challenges – Overcoming adversities and setbacks well
  • Cohesion – Giving and receiving social support to and from others

This programme enables you to:

  • Find your Enneagram Type and develop a genuine acceptance of your personality structure.
  • Understand the subconscious instinctual drives (Enneagram Subtypes) and positive intentions that drive your behaviours, and how to express them in ways that benefit everyone.
  • Know how to catch your personality downward spiral, and how to exercise your healthy qualities more and more.
  • Apply the NLE framework of development with practical exercises you can implement incrementally.


THE WORD “ELITE” IS DEFINED AS: “a select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society”

Recent research on mental toughness and performance psychology informs us that elite performers have superior mental qualities as compared to those who are not. Specifically, these successful performers are able to harness and apply specific psychological strategies that facilitate peak performances.

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ABLION excedded my expectations – they did an absolutley excellent job and I would not only recommend them but will but using them again and again. My website is a social media site where a lot of complex coding was needed. I changed, the functionality and design many, many times over its 6 month development but nothing was a problem for Pratik and his team, they were quick to respond and even suggested better solutions to problems that arose.

Justin Waite Founder Happymap, London, United Kingdom

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