Ablion is a Global information technology-based company which utilizes cloud-based approach to develop web services.

We deliver technology-based services in web design, e-commerce, mobile technology, digital and cloud computing.

We Equip Leaders With Strategic Vision

Who are we?

ABLION has been operational since 2004 and providing complete web design, web development, mobile apps, saas, graphics and branding solutions to its clients for the last 19+ years in various industries including 10000+ clients in small, medium and large businesses from different geographies including UK, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Singapore, France and USA.

ABLION establishes itself as a leading entrepreneur in distant zone with exceptional benefit of having both domain expertise and brilliant business competence. We serves as an excellent IT partner to our clients by grasping our industry wide experience, intense technological skill and compendious portfolio of services.


The Mission of ABLION is to offer integrated solution which focuses on creating value for our customers and helping them in boosting their business process with least hassles and capital layouts.

Our mission is to help a billion people to improve their business by building IT solutions for them.

Our belief in innovation, dedication and hard work drives us to step into our client’s business reality, promises outcomes with great enthusiasm.

Our peerless aspect of rapidly redesigning ourselves to be more responsive to changing customers need is the main principal objective of ABLION.

Our dedicated team are our most important assets that combine diverse capabilities that ranges from domain experts to technologists and solution architects. ABLION’s professionals work as a team in maintaining an accomplished work environment where every team member feels fulfilled and respected.

Core Values

Commitment: Keeping our commitment, no matter what. Delivering on our promises
Long-term: Actions towards long-term vision & customer relationship. We plan and build for the long term.
Teamwork: Treating everyone with respect and dignity. Your Team is your strength & weakness both.
Constant improvement: Learning and move towards greatness with an open mind.
Enjoy your work: Be passionate about your work. The satisfaction of creation and completion is a reward in itselfs.

Our Clients Some Brands We Work With

Pratik Dutta

Who is behind Ablion?

Mr. Pratik Dutta, the founder and brain behind the Company that has been associated with the IT industry for over two decade. Though born in Bardhaman (a small town in West Bengal, India) this young energetic, enthusiastic entrepreneur is all set to carve out a distinctive niche in the world of IT business. Along with achieving many international degrees and certificates related to Information Technology he has a very deep understanding of the web Services Industry. In 2004, he founded Ablion, with a focus to develop quality web Products and Services for a global customer. Ablion’s increasing client-base and popularity strengthened Pratik’s Confidence about the future of business on the web.

Awards & Recognition

  • Twib got awarded with the "Faster Growing Software Product" by Software Suggest 2023

  • Twib got the recognition of the “Premium Usability” award from FinancesOnline

  • Twib got selected as the “Happiest Users High User Satisfaction 2023” by Crozdesk.

  • Ablion got the award of "Global Visionary Business Leaders in 2023"

  • Bidyaaly Got awarded with the “Star Beginner Software” by Software Suggest.

  • Twib got selected as the “Quality Choice Top Ranked Solution 2020” by Crozdesk.

  • Ablion got selected as the “Best Web Design Company 2022” by Acquisition International Research and development. .

  • Software Suggest awarded Twib “Customer Choice 2022” award.

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