5 main reasons you should not use a free website builder

Are you looking to build a website completely Free of Cost? Think again?  Here are five reasons why getting a free website is probably a waste of your time. It can be ok to build a free website but the right way however in most cases you shouldn’t bother with the free domain hosting and instead go with the paid services.

A free website builder such as blogger.com, wordpress.com, wix.com, or any standalone websites are built on top of free hosting and free domain. Basically, anything that creates a subdomain under their services like myblog.wix.com or a free domain like myblog.ga built with free hosting. These services are not bad in general but you should consider the paid options instead of wasting time with the free ones.

1. Demonetization

The first reason is that in most cases you won’t be able to monetize your website or blog. Most free services stating their terms and conditions that you have to stay as a nonprofit or that they can advertise on your site without you getting a dime so you can’t make money from your website so you won’t be able to do the advertisement and thus it can’t be monetized.

2. Lack of Credibility

The second reason is the lack of credibility having a free domain like .cf or .ga. A fixed .com at the end of your URL is incredible not only for your users, but also it for Google. Since you will probably rely on Google traffic to drive users to your site it’s important to know that Google gives less priority to Business. Thus you might put in a lot of work for a little reward. So let’s take a look at how that works in real life so here’s your website just gaining some users running forward and out of nowhere Google comes in and you reject it and it is out of business.

3. Spam Activities

The third reason is that spammers are on the same shared server even worse than having a Google giving you less priority is that Google will penalize your website for spam activities. It can happen since your website is shared with other free domains and hosting. This means a few of those websites are used for spam your site might end up on the spam because you share the same server.

4. Limited customer service

The fourth reason is that you get limited customer service. In most cases the customer service will be non-existent; if you need some help with your server you will have to wait for a while or don’t get it at all. Some paid servers aren’t that good either but at least you have the community to help out with basic issues with free services there’s nobody there to help you.

5. Slow Website

And the last reason is the slow website. Basically you get a very low bandwidth on your server if you’re using free hosting. The chances are that your website is really slow to load a page because your free account only receives a small portion of the available bandwidth and slow websites mean that your users won’t stick around. Also, free services don’t have any obligation to keep running your site; they might choose to switch it off temporarily or shut down completely.

Because of the five reasons that are mentioned above, putting any effort in free services is a waste of time. If you’re serious about your website and you want to succeed in long term, consider investing in paid services. Not only have you got more out of it you will also motivate yourself to work on the website since you’re paying for it. You can get started with two to five dollars a month depending on which provider you choose. There are great choices like unicorn.ablion.in and there are plenty other hosting providers that give heavy discounts to first-timers.

Published On: 23 September 2021 Categories: Business,Marketing Strategy
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